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ANA Kit (10 x 12-well slides)
ANA Kit (20 x 12-well slides)
ANA Negative Control
ANA Speckled Positive Control
Serial dilutions of BSA-conjugated modified and unmodified nucleotides dotted onto membrane and probed with N297/59 TC supe (left) and a rabbit polyclonal control (right).
Immunofluorescence of COS cells expressing 6xHis/Myc-tagged human VDAC1. Green = N144/14, red = Rabbit anti-Myc, blue = Hoechst nuclear stain.Immunoblot against extracts of COS cells transiently transfected with 6xHis/Myc-tagged Olig2 or untagged Kv2.1 plasmid probed with N144/14 (left), 19E10 (middle) or K89/34 (right) TC supe.
Adult rat brain membrane immunohistochemistry.Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.
Cell-surface-expressed ADAM22 (F, magenta) and cell-surface-bound LGI1 (G, magenta) were live-labelled. After fixation and permeabilization, ADAM22 (total) was stained (cat. 75-083; green), with nuclear DNA (blue, F and upper panel in G). ADAM22 S905F is on the cell surface binds to LGI1 as the wild-type. When ADAM22 C401Y is expressed, no cell-surface-bound LGI1 is detected. White squares are total expression of ADAM22 (F) and LGI1–FLAG (lower panel in G, blue). CC-BY-4.0. PMID:37953841Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.

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