Founded on a passion for science.

For over sixty years, the people of Antibodies Incorporated have dedicated themselves to supporting the life-enhancing, breakthrough work of scientists everywhere. We fulfill our mission with an extensive catalog of validated neuroscience antibodies and a suite of services governed by a stringent and long-established Quality Management System -- and we do it all in Davis, California, USA.

Early Years

When Antibodies Incorporated opened its doors in 1962, antibody-related research was in its nascence. Founder Jim Hillman, having received a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Minnesota, arrived at UC Davis to complete post-doctoral work in immunochemistry, which he had studied while working at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) under Dan Campbell, a pioneer of the field.

Jim brought with him his wife Carol, a co-Founder of the company, and two children, as well as energy and ideas for finding cures for cancer using antibody-based chemotherapies. Specifically, Jim felt that if he could identify and isolate the parts of a tumor (one focus was lymphosarcomas) that might be antigenic, an effective antibody-based treatment might be possible. Jim’s dream to find cures of this kind drove his work for many years.

There at the beginning

Around the same time, Nobel Prize-winning work by Drs. Rosalyn Yalow and Solomon Berson that yielded radioimmunoassay (RIA), a technique whose use then blossomed, gave rise to a need in the scientific community for high-quality secondary antibodies. Antibodies Incorporated was founded, in part, to service that need.

Developing with the immunochemistry community

As members of the scientific community themselves, the scientists at Antibodies Incorporated evolved and developed new products in response to the interests of their customers. Antibodies branched out from producing just secondary antibodies to designing its own RIAs through the 70s and early 80s. This led to new thinking on labeling, including a latex bead test, a strep test (which became a key product for the company), and, ultimately, an ELISA test.

A continuing commitment to science

Today, Antibodies Incorporated continues its tradition of serving the people and goals of the scientific community from which the company emerged. In addition to high-quality products, our company has developed a range of services intended to accelerate our customers’ discovery processes.

In the end, our commitments are simple:

  • support science, inquiry, knowledge and the innovations that come from it;
  • produce reliable products and services timely and responsibly;
  • contribute ideas where we can to our customers’ investigations;
  • be honest, and deal with people who are looking for and telling the truth; and
  • focus on serving a higher purpose and trust that you will be more successful for it.

We appreciate your support.