Services custom-tailored to your needs.

For over forty years, Antibodies Incorporated has worked as an extension to academic and industry labs on custom projects of all kinds and sizes. We leverage our experience so that you can focus on advancing your research.

Contract Manufacturing

Our project experience ranges from large-scale production of existing products to scale-up of new products for launch and beyond.

Antibody Development

We are passionate about the development of fit-for-purpose antibodies, and we will work in partnership with you to produce reagents that meet your expectations.

Mouse Monoclonal Service | Polyclonal Services

Hybridoma mAb Scale-Up

Once a mouse monoclonal cell line has been sub-cloned to monoclonality, it can be used as an infinite source of monoclonal antibody (mAb) through either in vitro (bioreactor) or in vivo (ascites) production.

Antibody Purification

We offer multiple purification methodology options to suit your needs.

ELISA / Immunoassay

With experience developing assays in multiple formats, we can work with you directly to design an assay that achieves your objectives.

Antibody / Antigen Conjugation

We provide conjugation services using many of the commonly used conjugates and at various scales.

Animal Housing Services

We operate facilities with the capacity to house a variety of research species.