IHC Products

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) stands as a vital method employing antibodies to pinpoint protein and antigen locations in tissue sections. This technique relies on visualizing the antibody-antigen interaction through either chromogenic or fluorescent detection. IHC offers pivotal insights into protein localization within intact tissue, serving as a valuable diagnostic tool for pathologists.

To conduct a successful IHC experiment, it's essential to follow a robust staining protocol using high-quality, specific reagents. This approach ensures accurate and reproducible results.

Antigen Retrievers

A range of reagents used to recover antigens in paraffin embedded tissues, a combination of fixation and heat exposure from the paraffin embedding process may make the antigens inaccessible to detection. The range consists of buffers as well as proteases.

Blocking Reagents

Eliminate non-specific binding in immunohistochemistry through using our range of blocking buffers. These reagents may also be used in ELISA and Western Blotting.


Buffers manufactured to deliver consistent performance and eliminate batch variation.  


Enzyme specific chromogenic color reagents designed to visualize your target protein and its cellular localization.

Counter Stains

Specifically designed to stain cellular organelles/compartments such as nuclei and cytoplasm.

Mounting Media

Preseverves the antibody-antigen stain for short or indefinite storage. For convenience some of the mounting media products contain counter stains.