Animal Housing Services

We operate facilities with the capacity to house a variety of research species.

Facilities to house a variety of research species

We have facilities to house a wide variety of research animals. Current capacity allows for the housing of 100 rabbits, over 100 large animals, such as alpacas, goats, and sheep, and approximately 3,000 mice. Housing also is available for smaller numbers of rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

Our facilities are regulated and inspected daily.

We are a USDA registered (93-R-0158) and NIH-assured (OLAW A4064-01) facility. Pursuant to those regulations, we feed water, and visually inspect our animals daily for health and wellness.

Additional animal care services available by contract

Additional care by our highly-qualified animal technicians can be provided on a contract basis. Services include:

  • Antibody production protocols
  • Immunization protocols
  • Sampling (blood, tissue, etc.)
  • Serum preparation
  • Health or behavior monitoring

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