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ANA Kit (10 x 12-well slides)
ANA Kit (20 x 12-well slides)
ANA Negative Control
ANA Speckled Positive Control
A microscopy image of a cell from BJ hTERT cell line treated with aphidicolin to induce genomic instability. Immunolabeling of the cell positively labelling CREST/Centromere Protein (red, 1:500, Cat No. 15-234) and labelling DNA with DAPI. The anaphase cell has a segregation error which lacks centromeric staining unlike the mass of properly segregating chromosomes. Image kindly provided by Nadeem Shaikh and Sarah McClelland from Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London.  Confocal image of kinetochore-microtubule attachments in mouse control (CON) and IMQ treated oocytes where kinetochores are dyed purple by CREST antibody, microtubules are stained green by the anti-tubulin antibody. Chromosomes are dyed blue by Hoechst 33342.Image from publication CC-BY-4.0. PMID: 35589679
Immunolabeling of spreaded WT mouse pachytene spermatocytes positively labeling CREST/Centromere Protein (red, Cat 15-235, 1:20) and SYCP3 (green). Image kindly provided by Fernando Sánchez Sáez and Alberto M. Penás from Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.Immunostaining of Vipera berus (Reptile, snake) synaptonemal complexes identifying the lateral elements of meiotic bivalents (Anti-SYCP3, green), the centromere proteins (Anti-ACA, Cat 15-235, 1:250, red), and nuclei staining with DAPI (blue). Image kindly provided by Victor Spangenberg, Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Moscow, Russia.

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