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For over fifty years, the people of Antibodies Incorporated have dedicated themselves to supporting the life-enhancing, breakthrough work of scientists everywhere. We fulfill our mission with an extensive catalog of validated neuroscience antibodies and a suite of services governed by a stringent and long-established Quality Management System -- and we do it all in Davis, California, USA.

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High-quality, validated monoclonal antibodies for use in basic and applied neuroscience research.

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Aves Labs Antibodies

High-affinity, custom chicken IgY and other immunoreagents for biomedical research and antibody manufacturing

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PhosphoSolutions Antibodies

An original manufacturer of high-quality neuroscience antibodies purified from pooled syrum.

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Search and browse our complete primary antibody catalog online, filterable by key data points.

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Antibody Services, Delivered via Quality Management Systems

We are excited to offer Aves Labs antibodies. Here's what customers have said:

I was a postdoc in OHSU. I moved to Boston seven months ago, and am currently working in a biotech company. I had been using chick-GFP antibody when I was a postdoc, and I recently ordered MAP2 and Tuj1 antibodies from Aves Labs. I think I will order some more antibodies in the future. I'm proud that there is a good antibody company in Portland.

Jeonghoon Choi, Yumanity Therapeutics

I have routinely been impressed with the service and antibodies from Aves Labs. As a result, I’ve recommended their service to several colleagues. I particularly like the fact that chicken antibodies can readily be used in combination with well-characterized antibodies from other species.

Mark J. Zylka, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, on Aves Labs brand antibodies

I have been very pleased with the high-quality chicken antibody service Aves Labs has provided my lab. I was impressed by the prompt responses to my questions and requests, and especially the caring attention all the Aves Labs staff gave – from the start of the project to its successful completion!

Adrienne Wilk, Ph.D., Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago

For a competitive price, Aves Labs efficiently provided me with a high quality polyclonal antibody that successfully detected my protein of interest. This antibody has greatly advanced my research programme and enabled the publication of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

Gavin Stewart, Ph.D., University College Dublin, Ireland

I have produced rabbit antibodies in my own lab but for some problematic antigens chose to have the entire process (from peptide design to affinity purification) done by Aves Labs. The chicken antibodies arrived on time and on budget, and they work. For me there will be no going back!

Douglas A. Gray, Ph.D., Centre for Cancer Therapeutics, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute