FAQ - Adenovirus Production

Here are our most-asked questions about the protocol and virus handling!


How long will it take to produce my adenovirus?

Amplification of existing particles typically takes ~10 days. If we start with shuttle plasmids turnaround time is generally 3 to 4 weeks.

If I run out of virus, how long will it take to get more?

We try and always keep a stock of your purified particles in our freezers, so generally we can ship an aliquot of purified particles to you the next day. If we do not to have your materials in stock, we can generally amplify and purify a new prep for you in ~10 days.

How do I thaw and aliquot my samples?

We supply the virus in 1 mL aliquots and at 1e12 particles/mL. We recommend thawing the virus at room temperature and then aliquoting at least 50 uL in 0.5 mL screw cap tubes. Do not make aliquots in PCR tubes or eppendorf centrifuge tubes. Do not store or thaw the virus on ice, -20°C or 4°C. We do offer custom aliquoting at the time of manufacture – please inquire.

Can I dilute the sample before injecting mice?

Yes. Common diluents include PBS and TBS. Once you dilute your sample, do NOT refreeze! The diluted virus means you have also diluted the cryoprotectants. A freeze/thaw cycle with diluted cryoprotectant will result in dead virus on the next thaw. Also, do not store or thaw the virus on ice, 4°C or -20°C. -80° or room temperature is best.

Where do I find a list of premade viruses on your site?

Viruses that are widely used are available off the shelf, CsCl purified, contain 1e12 particles/mL and have been tested for RCA and PFU titered. These virus particles can be found on our products page. Most of the viruses we make are custom constructs for our individual clients and these materials are held in confidence. These viruses may be available with permission from the originating PI. Please inquire for specific genes and we will determine how we can help.

How do I ship my samples to Antibodies Inc?

All virus samples should be sent via overnight carrier on dry ice. Please email the tracking number to info@antibodiesinc.com. DNA samples can be sent overnight in water, 10 mM TRIS, or TE on cold packs. Please see our contact page for complete shipping address.

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