Cell Viability, Metabolism Assays, and Biochemicals

ImmunoChemistry Technologies cell viability assays include a large range of fluorescent whole cell assays for intracellular apoptosis detection and cellular analysis. ICT’s line of assay kits can detect apoptosis, necrosis, intracellular caspase activity, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, activated serine proteases, oxidative stress, mitochondrial membrane permeability, and much more! These kits are designed for use in whole living cells – no lysing of the cells is required. Whether you’re a long time user of our popular FLICA probe or a new customer, we offer quality fluorescent products and top notch customer and technical support.

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Apoptosis and Autophagy Kits

Comprehensive tools to study programmed cell death and cellular recycling processes, facilitating precise experimentation and analysis.


Caspase detection kits offer a versatile solution for researchers to accurately identify multiple caspase enzymes.


A comprehensive solution for precise quantification and monitoring of intracellular cathepsin activity over time in vitro.

Cellular Imaging

Cellular imaging stains and ancillary reagents provide researchers with essential tools for precise visualization and analysis of cellular structures and processes.


Cell membrane impermeant dyes, along with viability and cytotoxicity kits, enable precise detection of live cells and monitoring of targeted cell killing.


FLICA® (Fluorescent-Labeled Inhibitor of CAspases) are powerful tools for assessing programmed cell death by detecting apoptosis and pyroptosis in vitro.

Fluorescent Enzymatic Assays

Precise and sensitive solutions for detecting enzyme activity with fluorescence-based measurements, enabling accurate quantification in various research applications.

Magic Red®

Magic Red® Assays enable researchers to quantitate and monitor intracellular cathepsin activity over time in vitro. Magic Red® detection substrates utilize the photostable red fluorophore, cresly violet.

Metabolic and Enzymatic Assays

Metabolic and enzymatic assay kits offer versatile solutions for quantifying cellular metabolism and enzyme activities.


Cell-permeant dyes retained in active mitochondrial membranes and subsequently released upon loss of mitochondrial membrane gradient potential.

Oxidative Stress

Designed for the accurate detection and quantification of oxidative or nitrosative stress markers, enabling researchers to study with precision and reliability.


Protease is an enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins into smaller peptides or amino acids, playing a crucial role in various biological processes including digestion and protein regulation.


Pyroptosis/Caspase-1 Assay Kits, using FLICA® technology, detect caspase-1 activation and include caspase-1 inhibitor reagents with the preferred binding sequence, Tyr-Val-Ala-Asp (YVAD).

Ultra Sensitive Luminescence/Pure Chemicals

Ultra-sensitive luminescence reagents are exceptionally sensitive enabling precise detection of trace substances and measurement of subtle biological or chemical changes.