Guarantee Terms and Conditions

It's important to know the details!

• Our Guarantee only applies when Antibodies Incorporated recommended storage conditions are followed.
• Our Guarantee only applies to products purchased directly from Antibodies Incorporated
• If product was purchased through one our approved distributors, please contact the distributor for their refund terms and conditions.
• Product must have been purchased within 12 months of refund date.
• To request a replacement or credit, please contact us by email or by phone at 800-824-8540.
• Refund policy does not apply to custom antibody services.
• Refund amount is equal to the total price paid for the product and shipping.
• The shipping refund is limited to a maximum of $55
• If shipping costs were paid using a customer’s shipping account, then the shipping cost cannot be included in the refund amount.
• If the product was purchased using a promotional or discounted sale price, the refund amount is equal to the sale price as purchased.
• Free samples do not apply.
• Refund is non-transferable.