Quality Control - Adenovirus Production

All adenovirus preps amplified and purified at Antibodies Inc. are tested for RCA using PCR and cell-based assays.


Ad5 E1 Detection

Prior to shipping, all viruses are tested using PCR to ensure there are no detectable E1 sequences in the particles that can be from revertants or external E1 contamination. The presence of a PCR product may indicate revertants in the virus preparation. If a revertant is present, it may be caused by the over-expression of the transgene, environmental contamination, or other unknown factors. We will work with you to troubleshoot the construct and work diligently to make a prep that is E1 PCR negative.

E1 PCR analysis on purified virus preps. Lane 1 MW marker; Lanes 2-5, virus samples; Lane 6 and 7 Low and High concentration Ad5 wt controls, Lane 8 Water negative control.

RCA Assays (Replication Competent Adenovirus)

Adenovirus preps originating at Antibodies Inc. are guaranteed to have non-detectable RCA. This quality control measure is very important as wild type contamination due to revertants or environmental sources is always a possibility.

You should determine the RCA status of your seed stock prior to sending it to us for amplification. For amplified materials sent from outside sources we will report the RCA test results to you. Should RCA be present in your samples, our QC team can work with you on plaquing your materials or suggesting other avenues to clean up the preparation.

PFU titering - (Plaque Forming Units)

All purified adenovirus preparations are tested for infectious titer. Our PFU testing takes a few more days but counts genuine plaques in HEK cells rather than an estimating PFU titer by IHC staining or TCI50s of infected cells. We guarantee ≥1e10 PFU/mL (plaque forming units/mL) on every prep.

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