Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development Services

We are experts in the use of hybridoma technology, a powerful method for antibody discovery. The monoclonal antibodies produced have broad utility as therapeutics, diagnostic tools, and research reagents. The approach enables discovery of antibodies that bind to a variety of epitopes on the target molecule and, coupled with a robust screening platform, allows for identification of clones with the most desirable characteristics.

Custom antibody development is not a "one size fits all" process.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to learn your goals for the project and designing a project to meet those goals. "Begin with the end in mind" is a phrase that underlies everything we do, by starting with a solid plan we deliver solid results. Our experienced team can guide you through selection of: immunogen, immunization schedule, and hybridoma screening approach using our optimized platform. If you have particular requirements for your project (that differ from the overview below) we will work collaboratively with you to ensure the project meets your specifications.

Process Overview

Immunogen Selection (Variable timeline)

  • We consult with you to determine the most appropriate antigen for development of the antibodies you require.

Immunization Schedule (4 weeks)

  • Immunization of 5 mice using adjuvant of choice.
  • Accelerated schedule for production of high-affinity antibodies.

ELISA Titer Testing (Less than one week)

  • ELISA testing of test bleeds to evaluate serum titer and select best-responding mouse for fusion and hybridoma creation.

Hybridoma Fusion and Screening (4-5 weeks)

  • High efficiency electrofusion of spleen cells from best-responding mouse with mouse myeloma fusion partner; fusion plated across 25 x 96 well plates.
  • High-throughput screening of hybridoma clones by ELISA (primary ELISA screen)
  • Secondary ELISA screen on up to 94 candidate clones identified in primary screening.
  • Cryo-preservation of up 94 candidate hybridoma clones for subcloning.
  • Antibody-containing supernatants made available to you for internal testing if desired.

Sub-cloning of Selected Clones (6 weeks)

  • Selected clones sub-cloned and cell-banked.
  • Monoclonality confirmed by limiting dilution.

Related Services

Antibody production and purification from mouse monoclonal cell lines is also available. See Hybridoma mAb Scale-Up.

Ready to Get Started?

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