ELISA / Immunoassay

We have experience developing assays in multiple formats. We will work with you directly to design an assay that achieves your objectives.

Experienced ELISA development, tailored to achieve your goals.

ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) is a widely-used assay for quantification of analytes in a sample, and has long been used as the gold-standard in both clinical and research laboratories. Projects that we run for our clients vary from routine outsourced ELISA assays, to more sophisticated assay development for clinical samples, contaminant testing, and other applications.

Assay Development Process Overview

Design Input

  • We discuss the purpose of your assay and help you decide on format and configuration.

Antibody Selection

  • Certain antibody combinations are best for specific assay types. For example, in sandwich ELISAs, one antibody traps the analyte, and the other antibody is used to detect. These pairs are tested for compatibility.


  • We ensure the antibodies are properly attached to solid phase for optimal reactivity.

Prototype Development, Pilot Studies

  • We test standard samples, matrices, conjugates, etc. in combination to create the prototype.
  • We help you select standards and set aside key controls, etc.

Technical Transfer

  • We transfer the technology to your laboratory, ensuring that the assay works in your technicians' hands.

Ready to Get Started?

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