20 µL Trial Size NeuroMabs Now Available

Make your next discovery faster with trial size antibodies.

We often receive requests from the scientific community for smaller-volume versions of our antibody products. We've listened, and now we are pleased to announce the launch of Antibodies Incorporated’s newest line of trial size products.

The cost of an antibody sometimes can be a hurdle in your path to new discoveries. Our trial size products provide 20 µL of purified antibody at an affordable price point, making it the perfect fit when only a small amount of antibody is needed. Use our trial size line to “try before you buy,” test your ideas cost-efficiently with less waste, confirm experiments with antibodies that are known to work, or compare our antibodies with others in side-by-side tests.

We have begun the new trial size line with some of our most popular products:


We’ll be bringing this format to our other products over time based on demand (you'll see a "trial size available" badge on the product page), so check back often.

And if you have a specific product for which you would like a trial size version, please let us know!