November 2023 New Publications

Liu, Y;Zhai, H;Alemayehu, H;Boulanger, J;Hopkins, LJ;Borgeaud, AC;Heroven, C;Howe, JD;Leigh, KE;Bryant, CE;Modis, Y. Cryo-electron tomography of NLRP3-activated ASC complexes reveals organelle co-localization. Nature communications.
FAM FLICA Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay

Heo, H;Park, H;Lee, MS;Kim, J;Kim, J;Jung, SY;Kim, SK;Lee, S;Chang, J. TRIM22 facilitates autophagosome-lysosome fusion by mediating the association of GABARAPs and PLEKHM1. Autophagy
Hoechst 33342 Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain

Wu, AY;Sekar, P;Huang, DY;Hsu, SH;Chan, CM;Lin, WW. Spatiotemporal roles of AMPK in PARP-1- and autophagy-dependent retinal pigment epithelial cell death caused by UVA. Journal of biomedical science.
Magic Red Cathepsin B Assay

Peng, J;He, J;Lin, L;Li, Y;Xia, Y. Neural Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles Carrying YBX1 Inhibited Neuronal Pyroptosis Through Increasing m6A-modified GPR30 Stability and Expression in Ischemic Stroke. Translational stroke research.
FAM FLICA Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay

Jiang, F;Jiang, Q;Hou, L;Zhao, J;Zhu, Z;Jia, Q;Xue, W;Wang, H;Wang, Y;Tian, L. Inhibition of macrophage pyroptosis ameliorates silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety.
FAM FLICA Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay

Spurlock, M;An, W;Reshetnikova, G;Wen, R;Wang, H;Braha, M;Solis, G;Kurtenbach, S;Galindez, OJ;de Rivero Vaccari, JP;Chou, TH;Porciatti, V;Shestopalov, VI. The Inflammasome-Dependent Dysfunction and Death of Retinal Ganglion Cells after Repetitive Intraocular Pressure Spikes. Cells.
FLICA 660 Caspase-1 Assay, FAM FLICA Caspase-8 Assay, FLICA 660 Caspase-3/7 Assay

Tachibana, R;Takeuchi, H;Yoshikawa-Terada, K;Maezawa, T;Nishioka, M;Takayama, E;Tanaka, H;Tanaka, K;Hyon, SH;Gen, Y;Kondo, E;Ikeda, T. Carboxylated Poly-L-lysine Potentially Reduces Human Sperm DNA Fragmentation after Freeze-Thawing, and Its Function Is Enhanced by Low-Dose Resveratrol. Cells.
MitoPT JC-1 Assay

Moon, JI;Kim, WJ;Kim, KT;Kim, HJ;Shin, HR;Yoon, H;Park, SG;Park, MS;Cho, YD;Kim, PJ;Ryoo, HM. Foci-Xpress: Automated and Fast Nuclear Foci Counting Tool. International journal of molecular sciences.
DAPI Nuclear Stain

Kim, Y;Lee, Y;Choo, M;Yun, N;Cho, JW;Oh, YJ. A Surge of Cytosolic Calcium Dysregulates Lysosomal Function and Impairs Autophagy Flux during Cupric Chloride-Induced Neuronal Death. The Journal of biological chemistry.
Magic Red Cathepsin B Assay

Wang, Z;He, W;Li, C;Chen, Y;Li, Z;Jiao, Y;Zhang, J;Shi, J;Wang, G;Guan, J;Zhao, K;Song, D;Gao, F;Lan, Y. The role of lysosomes as intermediates in betacoronavirus PHEV egress from nerve cells. Journal of virology.
Magic Red Cathepsin B Assay

Cordero-Ortiz, M;Reséndiz-Sandoval, M;Dehesa-Canseco, F;Solís-Hernández, M;Pérez-Sánchez, J;Martínez-Borges, C;Mata-Haro, V;Hernández, J. Development of a Multispecies Double-Antigen Sandwich ELISA Using N and RBD Proteins to Detect Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Animals: an open access journal from MDPI.
Antigen Coating Buffer, 5X