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Our full lineup of NeuroMab and Antibodies Inc. antibodies is offered with the option of direct conjugation to one of four different fluorophores: FL490 | FL550 | FL594 | FL650

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Multiplexing can be limited by species.

What do goats, guinea pigs, and chickens all have in common? Antibodies made in these animals are all extremely popular for use in multiplex/multicolor staining. When designing multicolor staining panels scientists are typically forced to use compatible primary antibodies based on host species—one mouse antibody, one rabbit antibody, one guinea pig antibody… In many cases this prevents scientists from using their favorite antibodies, simply because they are from the same host species.

Multiplexing made easy!

Fluorophore-conjugated antibodies eliminate this issue since the molecule used for fluorescent detection is directly conjugated to the primary antibody. By offering our NeuroMab antibodies directly conjugated to ultra-bright fluorophores, scientists can now use these rigorously-validated antibodies to design multicolor staining panels without limitations. Unlock the potential of our full catalog of brain-validated antibodies by exploring our antibody conjugates today!

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Optimize Your Results.

Perfect for IHC and ICC, our conjugated primary antibodies help to reduce background and save you time. Available in 4 different wavelengths—490 nm, 550 nm, 594 nm, and 650 nm, they work great in both single and multiplexing applications, and are available in both single vial and bulk formats. We are excited to offer both unconjugated and conjugated options as well as secondary antibodies to researchers looking to customize their research and optimize their results!

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