December 2023 New Publications

Read publications from researchers around the world for December 2023:

Günther, M;Dabare, S;Fuchs, J;Gunesch, S;Hofmann, J;Decker, M;Culmsee, C. Flavonoid-Phenolic Acid Hybrids Are Potent Inhibitors of Ferroptosis via Attenuation of Mitochondrial Impairment. Antioxidants. 2023 December
TMRE - Orange Fluorescent Mitochondrial Membrane Depolarization Assay

Sabbione, F;Keitelman, IA;Shiromizu, CM;Vereertbrugghen, A;Vera Aguilar, D;Rubatto Birri, PN;Pizzano, M;Ramos, MV;Fuentes, F;Saposnik, L;Cernutto, A;Cassataro, J;Jancic, CC;Galletti, JG;Palermo, MS;Trevani, AS. Regulation of human neutrophil IL-1β secretion induced by Escherichia coli O157:H7 responsible for hemolytic uremic syndrome. PLoS pathogens. 2023 December
Green Fluorescent FAM-FLICA® Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay Kit, Green Fluorescent FAM-Leu-CMK Serine Protease Assay Kit

Szymanska, K;Rytelewska, E;Zaobidna, E;Kiezun, M;Gudelska, M;Kopij, G;Dobrzyn, K;Mlyczynska, E;Kurowska, P;Kaminska, B;Nynca, A;Smolinska, N;Rak, A;Kaminski, T. The Effect of Visfatin on the Functioning of the Porcine Pituitary Gland: An In Vitro Study. Cells. 2023 December
Swine Annexin V-Fluorescein Apoptosis Assay Kit

Li, D;Hodges, R;AukrustNaqvi, M;Bair, J;Bispo, PJM;Gilmore, MS;Gregory-Ksander, M;Dartt, DA. Staphylococcus aureus activates NRLP3-dependent IL-1β secretion from human conjunctival goblet cells using α toxin and toll-like receptors 2 and 1. Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology. 2023 November
Green Fluorescent FAM-FLICA® Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay Kit

Killinger, M;Kratochvilová, A;Reihs, EI;Matalová, E;Klepárník, K;Rothbauer, M. Microfluidic device for enhancement and analysis of osteoblast differentiation in three-dimensional cell cultures. Journal of biological engineering. 2023 December
Propidium Iodide Stain, Hoechst 33342 Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain

Li, Y;Li, H;Tang, Y;Rong, Y. Extracellular histones exacerbate heat stroke-induced liver injury by triggering hepatocyte pyroptosis and liver injury via the TLR9-NLRP3 pathway. International immunopharmacology. 2024 January
Green Fluorescent FAM-FLICA® Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay Kit

Luo, R;Li, L;Han, Q;Fu, J;Xiao, F. HAGLR, stabilized by m6A modification, triggers PTEN-Akt signaling cascade-mediated RPE cell pyroptosis via sponging miR-106b-5p. Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology. 2023 December
Green Fluorescent FAM-FLICA® Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay Kit

Germain, A;Kim, YT. Co-culture device for in vitro high throughput analysis of cancer associated fibroblast and cancer cell interactions. Oncology. 2023 November
Green Live/Dead Stain

Magata, F;Kuroki, C;Sakono, T;Matsuda, F. Lipopolysaccharide impairs the in vitro growth, steroidogenesis, and maturation of oocyte-cumulus-granulosa cell complexes derived from bovine early antral follicles. Theriogenology. 2023 December
JC-1 Fluorescent Mitochondrial Membrane Depolarization Assay

Lee, J;Kwon, J;Jo, YJ;Yoon, SB;Hyeon, JH;Park, BJ;You, HJ;Youn, C;Kim, Y;Choi, HW;Kim, JS. Particulate matter 10 induces oxidative stress and apoptosis in rhesus macaques skin fibroblast. PeerJ. 2023 December
Magic Red® Fluorescent Cathepsin B Assay Kit

Gao, J;Chen, H;Zhang, Y;Yu, S;Wu, Y;Wang, Q;Yu, Z. METTL14 knockdown inhibits the pyroptosis in the sepsis-induced acute lung injury through regulating the m6A modification of NLRP3. Experimental lung research. 2023 December
Green Fluorescent FAM-FLICA® Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay Kit

Costigan, A;Hollville, E;Martin, SJ. Discriminating Between Apoptosis, Necrosis, Necroptosis, and Ferroptosis by Microscopy and Flow Cytometry. Current protocols. 2023 December
Green Fluorescent Poly (active) Caspase FAM FLICA® Assay Kit (FAM-VAD-FMK)

Fujita, Y;Matsumoto, H;Inada, K;Onizawa, M;Saito, K;Sumichika, Y;Yoshida, S;Temmoku, J;Matsuoka, N;Asano, T;Sato, S;Machida, T;Migita, K. C5a stimulation induces caspase-1 activation and mature IL-1β production in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Immunological medicine. 2023 December
Green Fluorescent FAM-FLICA® Caspase-1 (YVAD) Assay Kit

Bernauer, H;Schlör, A;Maier, J;Bannert, N;Hanack, K;Ivanusic, D. tANCHOR fast and cost-effective cell-based immunization approach with focus on the receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2. Biology methods & protocols. 2023 December
Hoechst 33342 Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stain

Hwang, S;Yang, S;Park, K;Kim, B;Kim, M;Shin, S;Yoo, A;Ahn, J;Jang, J;Yim, YS;Seong, RH;Jeong, SM. Induction of Fatty Acid Oxidation Underlies DNA Damage-Induced Cell Death and Ameliorates Obesity-Driven Chemoresistance. Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany). 2023 December
Citrate Buffer, 10X

Trishna, S;Lavon, A;Shteinfer-Kuzmine, A;Dafa-Berger, A;Shoshan-Barmatz, V. Overexpression of the mitochondrial anti-viral signaling protein, MAVS, in cancers is associated with cell survival and inflammation. Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids. 2023 September
Fluoroshield™ with DAPI

Kim, JH;Lee, CJ;Yu, YS;Aryal, YP;Kim, S;Suh, JY;Kim, JY;Min, SH;Cha, IT;Lee, HY;Shin, SY;Cho, SJ. Transcriptomic profiling and the first spatial expression analysis of candidate genes in the salivary gland of the East Asian medicinal leech, Hirudo nipponia. Developmental and comparative immunology. 2023 December
Organo / Limonene Mount™

Hwang, JS;Kim, J;You, GE;Hong, IH;Cho, IH;Song, HB;Shin, YJ;Ma, DJ. In Vivo Electroporation Improves Retinal Delivery of Intravitreally Injected Exosomes. Journal of ocular pharmacology and therapeutics: the official journal of the Association for Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2023 September
Fluoroshield™ with DABCO

Park, EJ;Yang, MJ;Kang, MS;Jo, YM;Yoon, C;Lee, Y;Kim, DW;Lee, GH;Kwon, IH;Kim, JB. Subchronic pulmonary toxicity of ambient particles containing cement production-related elements. Toxicology reports. 2023 December
Fluoroshield™ with DAPI