February 2016 Citations

In February, researchers around the world cited ImmunoChemistry Technologies’ products in their publications. Explore our selection of publications from February 2016.

Zhong Z, Umemura A, Sanchez-Lopez E, Liang S, Shalapour S, Wong J, He F, Boassa D, Perkins G, Ali SR, McGeough MD, Ellisman MH, Seki E,Gustafsson AB, Hoffman HM, Diaz-Meco MT, Moscat J, Karin M. NF-κB Restricts Inflammasome Activation via Elimination of Damaged Mitochondria. Cell.164(5): 896-910. Abstract.

“The levels of active caspase-1 were quantified using a fluorescent probe (FLICA FAM-YVAD-FMK, ImmunoChemistry Technologies) that specifically recognized active caspase-1. ”

Rondina MT, Freitag M, Pluthero FG, Kahr WH, Rowley JW, Kraiss LW, Franks Z, Zimmerman GA, Weyrich AS, Schwertz H. Non-Genomic Activities of Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha Control Actin Cytoskeletal Events in Human Platelets. J. Thromb. Haemost. Abstract.

“Platelets cultured ex vivo for 18 hours were assessed for endogenous apoptosis using the FAM FLICA Caspase 3 and 7 Assay Kit (ImmunoChemistry Technologies).”

Pérez L, McLetchie S, Gardiner GJ, Deffit SN, Zhou D, Blum JS. LAMP-2C Inhibits MHC Class II Presentation of Cytoplasmic Antigens by Disrupting Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy. J Immunol. 196(6): 2457-2465. Abstract.

“For real-time analysis of cathepsin B (CatB) and cathepsin L (CatL) activities, the Magic Red Cathepsin B and L Kits (Immunochemistry Technologies) were used. Fluorescence was detected using flow cytometry.”

Ikeda G, Matoba T, Nakano Y, Nagaoka K, Ishikita A, Nakano K, Funamoto D, Sunagawa K, Egashira K. Nanoparticle-Mediated Targeting of Cyclosporine A Enhances Cardioprotection Against Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Through Inhibition of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening. Sci Rep. Full text.

“Neonatal rat ventricular myocytes were loaded with 200 nM TMRM (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, MN)…”

 McDonald JU, Ekeruche-Makinde J, Ho MM, Tregoning JS, Ashiru O. Development of a custom pentaplex sandwich immunoassay using Protein-G coupled beads for the Luminex xMAP platform. J Immunol Methods. Full text.

“Commercial buffers utilised were General serum diluent (ImmunoChemistry Technologies; 647), Plasma sample diluent (ImmunoChemistry Technologies; 694) and Neptune diluent (ImmunoChemistry Technologies; 6124).”

Products used:
FAM FLICA Caspase 1 Assay Kit (Catalog #97, 98)
Magic Red Cathepsin B Assay Kit (Catalog #937, 938)
Magic Red Cathepsin L Assay Kit (Catalog #941, 942)
FAM FLICA Caspase 3 & 7 Assay Kit (Catalog #93, 94)
MitoPT TMRM Assay Kit (Catalog #9105)
General Serum Diluent (Catalog #647, 648, 649)
Plasma Sample Diluent (Catalog #694, 695, 696)
Neptune Sample Diluent (Catalog #6124, 6125, 6126)