Zombie Webinar

We’re all part Zombie: Death is Vital for Life

What do Zombies, Trees, and Cancer have in common? Cell Death! Did you know that every day, over 50 BILLION of your cells die and have to be replaced? If they didn’t die, you could live 1,000 years! Controlled cell death so essential to life, that all living things, including humans, and even Zombies do it too! Cell death is good when controlled, like your red blood cells die in 3-4 months. Cell death is bad when uncontrolled and can lead to cancer (or turn you into a Zombie!). Watch this fun webinar to learn the different types of cell death (like apoptosis, autophagy, pyroptosis, and ferroptosis), research that’s been done to help cure disease, and what you can do to stay healthy, even though we are all part Zombie!

Cell death pathwaysCell viability assays