Apoptosis vs Necrosis

Cells die, but not all the same way or for the same reason. That’s why it’s important to select the appropriate assay for measurement and analysis.

Over time, our bodies have orchestrated the process of orderly and programmed cell death – apoptosis. External inflammatory forces such as pathogens cause other forms of programmed cell death – pyroptosis. Injury may cause damage leading to necrosis. Meanwhile, necroptosis is the programmed form of necrosis.
Apoptosis is expected and natural. However, we are often challenged to find the cause of necrosis and necroptosis with cell viability assays. In our white paper Necrosis vs Necroptosis vs Apoptosis, we examine in detail the most common factors of cell death. In this webinar, we will discuss apoptosis vs necrosis vs necroptosis vs pyroptosis and how these forms of cell death differ.

Learn how our cell viability assays can help you determine the appropriate assay for your research!

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