Our newly released chicken mCherry antibody is validated for IHC, ICC, & WB!
mCherry ICC

Immunostaining of postnatal day 12 Scube2-CreER ROSA26-tdTomato mouse lung tissues fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde and paraffin embedded (FFPE) showing specific detection of tdTomato in the mesenchyme using mCherry (cat. MCHERRY, 1:100; green). Nkx2.1 (red) marks the epithelium and nuclei are labeled with DAPI (blue). Image kindly provided by Erica Yao, University of California San Francisco).

mCherry is a red fluorescent protein derived from DsRed which is isolated from disc corals and related to GFP (green fluorescent protein)

Fluorescent proteins are commonly used to tag proteins in order to localize their expression in both cultured cells and in vivo. Antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as mCherry are especially useful when amplification of the fluorescent signal is necessary or desired.

mCherry WB

Western blotting of recombinant fluorescent proteins showing Aves Labs chicken anti-mCherry antibody recognizing nanogram amounts of mCherry protein and the related dsRED protein, but not showing reactivity with GFP.

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Product Specific Reference

Immunocytochemistry: Human






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