November 2016 Citations

In November, researchers around the world cited ImmunoChemistry Technologies’ products in their publications. Explore our selection of November 2016 Citations.

Young MM, Takahashi Y, Fox TE, Yun JK, Kester M, Wang HG. Sphingosine Kinase 1 Cooperates with Autophagy to Maintain Endocytic Membrane Trafficking. Cell Rep. 17(6): 1532-1545. Full text.

"For detection of cathepsin B activity, cells were incubated with MagicRed Cathepsin B (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC) per the manufacturer’s protocol."

van Haren SD, Dowling DJ, Foppen W, Christensen D, Andersen P, Reed SG, Hershberg RM, Baden LR, Levy O. Age-Specific Adjuvant Synergy: Dual TLR7/8 and Mincle Activation of Human Newborn Dendritic Cells Enables Th1 Polarization. J Immunol. 197(11): 4413-4424. Abstract.

"During the last hour of the incubation,a fluorescent caspase-1 inhibitor, FAM-YVAD-FMK (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC,Bloomington, MN) was added to detect activated caspase-1."

Lyons A, Minogue AM, Jones RS, Fitzpatrick O, Noonan J, Campbell VA, Lynch MA. Analysis of the Impact CD200 on Phagocytosis. Mol Neurobiol. Abstract.

"Caspase-1 activity was assessed using the FLICA Caspase 1 Assay kit (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, USA)according to the manufacturer's instructions."

Products Used:
Magic Red Cathepsin B Assay Kit (Catalog #937, 938)
FAM-FLICA Caspase-1 Assay Kit (Catalog #97, 98)