We now offer custom adenovirus production!

We are excited to announce that ViraQuest Inc has joined the Antibodies Inc family!


The scientists at ViraQuest Inc. pioneered the RAPAd® method of adenovirus production - offering fast, RCA-free adenovirus in as little as 3 weeks! In addition, ViraQuest offers an array of adenovirus services to meet your needs including new constructs, dual-expressing vectors, amplifications and purifications, and adenovirus reagents!

Antibodies Inc is committed to continuing to provide you with the best research materials and support in the adenovirus field. 

Why adenoviruses?

Adenoviruses are versatile vectors for delivering genetic material to cells. They can be engineered to overexpress or knock down specific genes, and are used extensively to study gene function, regulation, and interactions.

Adenoviruses naturally induce a strong immune response, but do not integrate their genetic material into the host genome, making them safe and easy to use.

Our scientists are here to assist you from the initial subcloning design to the final quality control of your new virus construct!

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