Learn About Our Antibody Product Offerings!

Our family of companies offers expertise and solutions for all your research needs:

  • Antibodies directed against neuroscience and oncology targets
  • Custom antibody development in a variety of hosts
  • Antibody pair development and scale up
  • Cell viability assays and ELISA products

Aves Labs, the world’s leading provider of chicken antibody products and services, develops novel antibody reagents against neural-specific antigens and epitope tags to foster scientific progress in neuroscience and the cell biology communities.

Antibodies Incorporated has supported scientific discovery since 1962 with an extensive catalog of widely-cited and validated neuroscience antibodies, including the well-known NeuroMab family of products, as well as a host of other reagents and services.

PhosphoSolutions boasts a large catalog of antibodies, with a focus in neuroscience, and offers expert phosphor-specific custom antibody services. PhosphoSolutions’ one-of-a-kind pooling serum initiative eliminates lot-to-lot variability in polyclonal antibodies.

ImmunoChemistry Technologies' Cell Viability Assays include a large range of fluorescent whole cell assays for intracellular apoptosis detection and cellular analysis. ICT also provides all the components for building immunoassays and ELISAs.