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In February, researchers around the world cited ImmunoChemistry Technologies’ products in their publications. Explore our selection of February citations from 2020.

Bank U, Deiser K, Plaza-Sirvent C, Osbelt L, Witte A, Knop L, Labrenz R, Jänsch R, Richter F, Biswas A, Zenclussen AC, Vivier E, Romagnani C, Kühl AA, Dunay IR, Strowig T, Schmitz I, Schüler T. c-FLIP is crucial for IL-7/IL-15-dependent NKp46+ ILC development and protection from intestinal inflammation in mice. Nat Commun. 2020 Feb 26;11(1):1056. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-14782-3. Full Text 

"Apoptotic cells were visualized by flow cytometry by using the FAM-FLICA Caspase 3/7 assay kit from ImmunoChemistry Technologies according to the manufacturer’s protocol. The cell permeable, fluorescent inhibitor probe FAM-DEVD-FMK irreversibly binds to active caspases 3 and 7."

Maysinger D, Gran ER, Bertorelle F, Fakhouri H, Antoine R, Kaul ES, Samhadaneh DM, Stochaj U. Gold nanoclusters elicit homeostatic perturbations in glioblastoma cells and adaptive changes of lysosomes. Theranostics. 2020 Jan 1;10(4):1633-1648. doi: 10.7150/thno.37674. eCollection 2020. Full Text 

"Dequenching of the fluorogenic substrate MR-(RR)2 (Magic Red, ImmunoChemistry Technologies; Bloomington, MN, USA) determined the activity of the lysosomal protease cathepsin B. Following treatment, growth medium was aspirated, and cells were incubated with 10 μm Hoechst 33342 and Magic Red (1:260) for 30 minutes at 37oC."

He M, Zhang T, Zhu Z, Qin S, Wang H, Zhao L, Zhang X, Hu J, Wen J, Cai H, Xin Q, Guo Q, Lin L, Zhou B, Zhang H, Xia G, Wang C. LSD1 contributes to programmed oocyte death by regulating the transcription of autophagy adaptor SQSTM1/p62. Aging Cell. 2020 Mar;19(3):e13102. doi: 10.1111/acel.13102. Epub 2020 Feb 19. Full Text 

"CTSB/CSTL was measured using the Magic Red Cathepsin B/L detection kit (937/941, ImmunoChemistry Technologies, USA). Control ovaries and ovaries in which LSD1 was inhibited were cultured in 6‐well plates with different treatment times, as indicated. Then, the ovaries were collected into 0.6‐ml tubes and incubated with 50 μl of 0.25% trypsin at 37℃ for 5 min. The ovaries were pipetted up and down to digest them into single‐cell suspensions. A total of 2.5 μl of fetal bovine serum was added to tubes to terminate the digestion reaction. The single‐cell suspensions were centrifuged at 800 g for 5 min. The supernatant was discarded, and the cells were resuspended in 620 μl of DMEM‐F12. Then, the cells were loaded with Magic Red Cathepsin B/L reagent at 37°C for 1 hr. To quantify CTSB/CTSL activity, the fluorescence of the Magic Red Cathepsin B/L probe was measured using a fluorescence microplate reader (SPARK, TECAN) according to the manufacturer's manual."

Ahn Y, Seo J, Lee EJ, Kim JY, Park MY, Hwang S, Almurayshid A, Lim BJ, Yu JW, Oh SH. ATP-P2X7-Induced Inflammasome Activation Contributes to Melanocyte Death and CD8+ T-Cell Trafficking to the Skin in Vitiligo. J Invest Dermatol. 2020 Feb 6. pii: S0022-202X(20)30134-2. doi: 10.1016/j.jid.2019.12.035. Abstract 

"After three washings in PBS with 0.1% Tween-20 and incubation in appropriate secondary antibody, all samples were mounted in a solution of DAPI (Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA). To assess caspase-1 activity for the detection of inflammasome activation, caspase-1 probe FAM FLICA (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, Bloomington, MN) was used. Slides were evaluated with confocal microscopy (LSM 700; Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany). Fluorescence intensity of epidermis in tissues were analyzed by ZEN software, Blue Edition (Carl Zeiss)."

Melo AM, Conroy MJ, Foley EK, Dockry É, Breen EP, Reynolds JV, Lysaght J, Doherty DG. CD1d expression and invariant natural killer T-cell numbers are reduced in patients with upper gastrointestinal cancers and are further impaired by commonly used chemotherapies. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2020 Feb 20. doi: 10.1007/s00262-020-02514-x. Abstract 

"iNKT cell cytotoxicity was tested by Total Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis Detection Kit purchased from Immunochemistry Technologies and analysis by flow cytometry." 

Products Used: 
FAM-FLICA Caspase-3/7 Assay 
Magic Red Cathepsin B Assay 
Magic Red Cathepsin L Assay 
FAM-FLICA Caspase-1 Assay