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In April, researchers around the world cited ImmunoChemistry Technologies’ products in their publications. Explore our selection of April citations from 2021.

Negraes, PD;Trujillo, CA;Yu, NK;Wu, W;Yao, H;Liang, N;Lautz, JD;Kwok, E;McClatchy, D;Diedrich, J;de Bartolome, SM;Truong, J;Szeto, R;Tran, T;Herai, RH;Smith, SEP;Haddad, GG;Yates, JR;Muotri, AR. Altered network and rescue of human neurons derived from individuals with early-onset genetic epilepsy. Molecular psychiatry. 2021 April 22; doi: 10.1038/s41380-021-01104-2. Article

"Caspase activity was assessed using the Green FLICA Caspases 3 & 7 Assay Kit (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, LLC) according to manufacturer’s protocol. Briefly, NPCs were harvested to single-cell suspension, washed with PBS, and stained with 1X carboxyfluorescein Fluorochrome Inhibitor of Caspase Assay (FAM-FLICA) reagent, 10-µg/mL Hoechst 33342 and 10-µg/mL propidium iodide (PI). Samples were analyzed on the NC-3000 Advanced Image Cytometer (Chemometec) using the preoptimized Caspase Assay. PI stained the nonviable cell population whereas FAM-FLICA stained cells with caspase activity for apoptosis analysis."

Xu, M;Hang, H;Huang, M;Li, J;Xu, D;Jiao, J;Wang, F;Wu, H;Sun, X;Gu, J;Kong, X;Gao, Y. DJ-1 Deficiency in Hepatocytes Improves Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Enhancing Mitophagy. Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology. 2021 March 23; doi: 10.1016/j.jcmgh.2021.03.007. Full Text

"Mitochondrial superoxide was stained with MitoSOX Red (Invitrogen, Waltham, MA). The autophagosomes of the hepatocytes were identified by the Cyto-ID Autophagy Detection Kit (Enzo Life Sciences, Farmington, NY) and Autophagy Assay Red kit (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, Bloomington, MN). The PARKIN stability was measured in primary hepatocytes after in vitro H/R treatment by incubating cells with cycloheximide at 20 mg/mL for indicated time points."

Lage, SL;Wong, CS;Amaral, EP;Sturdevant, D;Hsu, DC;Rupert, A;Wilson, EMP;Qasba, SS;Naqvi, NS;Laidlaw, E;Lisco, A;Manion, M;Sereti, I. Classical complement and inflammasome activation converge in CD14highCD16- monocytes in HIV associated TB-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. PLoS pathogens. 2021 March 1; doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1009435. Article

"was evaluated by detection of ASC speck formation by imaging flow cytometry, as previously described <32>. Briefly, cells were incubated with the fluorochrome inhibitor of caspase-1/4/5 (FLICA, from Immunochemistry technologies (ICT), Bloomington, MN) following the manufacturer’s instructions, for 50 min at 37°C, to allow for binding of FLICA to activated inflammatory caspases."

Gornowicz, A;Szymanowska, A;Mojzych, M;Czarnomysy, R;Bielawski, K;Bielawska, A. The Anticancer Action of a Novel 1,2,4-Triazine Sulfonamide Derivative in Colon Cancer Cells. Molecules. 2021 April 2; doi: 10.3390/molecules26072045. Text

"Analysis of Caspase-8 Enzymatic Activity Caspase-8 activity was estimated with caspase-8: FLICA Caspase-8 Assay Kit (ImmunoChemistry Technologies, Bloomington, MN, USA). Both colon adenocarcinoma cell lines (DLD-1 and HT-29) were incubated for 24 h with the tested compounds at 1.5 and 3 µM."

Leanza, G;Fontana, F;Lee, SY;Remedi, MS;Schott, C;Ferron, M;Hamilton-Hall, M;Alippe, Y;Strollo, R;Napoli, N;Civitelli, R. Gain-of-function Lrp5 Mutation Improves Bone Mass and Strength and Delays Hyperglycemia in a Mouse Model of Insulin-Deficient Diabetes. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research: The Official Journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. 2021 April 8; doi: 10.1002/jbmr.4303.

"...or anti‐Mid‐ osteocalcin antibodies diluted in coating buffer (Immunochemistry Technologies, Bloomington, MN, USA) and incubated overnight at room temperature."

FAM FLICA Caspase 3/7 Assay Kit
Autophagy AssayRed
FAM FLICA Caspase-8 Assay Kit
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