A New Citation for Our Anti-mCherry Antibody!

mCherry is a red fluorescent protein derived from DsRed which is isolated from disc corals and related to GFP (green fluorescent protein) (Shaner et al., 2004).

Fluorescent proteins are commonly used to tag proteins in order to localize their expression in both cultured cells and in vivo. Antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as mCherry are especially useful when amplification of the fluorescent signal is necessary or desired.

Aves Labs' primary chicken anti-mCherry antibody is a highly sensitive reagent for detection of mCherry by western blot, immunocytochemistry, and immunohistochemistry. It has also been shown to recognize dsRED, and RFP (tested) and tdTOMATO (by similarity).

Immunofluoresence of COS7 cells expressing mCherry using chicken anti-mCherry antibody (green) and showing mCherry autofluorescence (red). Blue is DAPI nuclear stain showing nuclei of both transfected and untransfected cells. Staining shows 100% correspondence between chicken anti-mCherry signal and mCherry autofluoresence in transfected cells.

We're excited that Anti-mCherry was recently cited in Nature Cell Biology!
Read this new publication "A complex epigenome-splicing crosstalk governs epithlial-to-mesenchymal transition in metabasis and brain development" to learn more.

Sahu SK, Agirre E, Inayatullah M, Mahesh A, Tiwari N, Lavin DP, Singh A, Strand S, Diken M, Luco RF, Belmonte JCI, Tiwari VK. Nat Cell Biol. 2022 Aug;24(8):1265-1277. doi: 10.1038/s41556-022-00971-3. Epub 2022 Aug 8. PMID: 35941369.

Our Anti-mCherry Antibody comes in a liquid state. Eggs from hens hyperimmunized with target were used to prepare an IgY fraction which was then subjected to antigen-specific affinity purification. Each new lot of this antibody is tested by Western blot on an mCherry overexpression cell lysate.

These antibodies are to be used as research laboratory reagents and are not for use as diagnostic or therapeutic reagents in humans.