Sample Diluent - Non-Mammalian-based

Sample Diluent - Non-Mammalian-based (formerly Neptune Sample Diluent) is a non-mammalian protein-containing solution highly recommended for use with serum or plasma samples from mouse, porcine or bovine in an antigen-down format. Also suitable for human or other mammalian plasma samples in antibody-sandwich ELISAs.

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A complex diluent to control background signal in biological samples.

Sample Diluent - Non-Mammalian-based is formulated to provide a complex yet protein-friendly environment for the dilution of biological samples (e.g. serum, cell culture media) into the useful range of antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISA-format assays. Due to the finite binding capacity of plate-coated proteins (e.g., antibodies, antigens), highly concentrated samples must be diluted in order to obtain absorbance readings within the sensitivity detection limits of the instrument and to create a functional standard curve.

Sample Diluent - Non-Mammalian-based minimizes backgrounds and increases assay specificity. It has proven to be highly effective for routine dilution of mouse, porcine, bovine, or rabbit serum samples in antigen-down ELISAs. When testing serum and plasma samples, non-specific adsorption of sample IgG to the ELISA plate surface is a common cause of high background noise. In particular, the glycosylation pattern of porcine serum IgG tends to make porcine samples more ‘sticky’ than IgGs from other species, such as rabbit or mouse. Sample Diluent - Non-Mammalian-based is formulated to reduce this non-specific interaction so that porcine serum samples can be tested without needing a dilution factor beyond 1:100.

Sample Diluent - Non-Mammalian-based provides a non-mammalian protein-buffered, neutral pH environment that is highly compatible with antibody-antigen interactions. Antimicrobial agents allow for room temperature bench-top use and extensive storage stability at 2-8°C.

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  1. Prepare standards and samples in Neptune Sample Diluent.
  2. Serum samples should generally be diluted at least 1:50 in order to minimize backgrounds caused by non-specific antibody binding.
  3. To dilute the sample 1:100, add 1 part sample to 99 parts Neptune Sample Diluent. For example, add 10 μL sample to 990 μL sample diluent for a total of 1,000 μL.
  4. Highly concentrated samples may need to be diluted 1:1,000 or more.
  5. Once diluted, run the assay according to the specific ELISA protocol.

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