Fluorescent Hypochlorite Detection Kit

Two cell-permeable dyes hydroxyphenyl fluorescein (HPF) and aminophenyl fluorescein (APF) detect hypochlorite production in cells. Hypochlorite production is observed by increased fluorescence of APF loaded cells with no increase in HPF loaded cells


Size: 100 Tests
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Hydroxyphenyl fluorescein (HPF) and Aminophenyl fluorescein (APF) are selective for the detection of highly reactive oxygen species (hROS). HPF has little reactivity towards other ROS such as: singlet oxygen (O), superoxide (O2– •), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), nitric oxide (NO•), and alkyl peroxide (RO2•). HPF/APF are cell permeable and can be used in combination to detect hypo- chlorite (-OCl) production in cells. Hypochlorite can be detected by loading two samples, one with APF and the other with HPF. Hypochlorite production is visualized by increase in fluorescence of APF loaded cells and no increase in fluorescence in HPF loaded cells.
Flow Cytometer, Fluorescence plate reader, Fluorescence Microscope
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  • Part# 4012: HPF Dye, 1 Vial (2-8C)
  • Part# 4011: APF Dye, 1 Vial (2-8C)
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    PMID Publication
    30349873O'Grady, K. P., et al. 2018. Drug-Free ROS Sponge Polymeric Microspheres Reduce Tissue Damage from Ischemic and Mechanical Injury. ACS Biomater Sci Eng, 1251-1264.

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