Hydrogen Peroxide Detection/Peroxidase Detection Kit

A rapid, no-wash assay to measure H2O2, based on the formation of a fluorescent product. The kit can measure H2O2 release from cells or enzyme coupled reactions. It can also measure peroxidase activity.

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Size: 500 Tests
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The kit utilizes a non-fluorescent detection reagent to measure H2O2. H2O2 oxidizes the detection reagent to produce a fluorescent product, resorufin which is catalyzed by peroxidase in a homogeneous no wash assay system. The detection reagent can be utilized to measure H2O2 release from cells or enzyme coupled reactions.
Fluorescence plate reader
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  • Part # 3011: 5X Reaction Buffer: 20 ml buffer, pH 7.4 (2-8°C)
  • Part # 4007: Detection reagent: One vial for 500 assays. (2-8°C)
  • Part # 3012: Hydrogen Peroxide: 200µL of a stabilized 3% solution. (2-8°C)
  • Part # 6004: Horseradish Peroxidase: 18.9 Units of enzyme (2-8°C)
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