Biotinylated Goat Anti-Chicken IgY Secondary Antibody

Our Biotinylated Goat Anti-Chicken IgY secondary antibody from Aves Labs is produced in-house. It detects chicken IgY and is affinity purified.

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Volume: 500 µL
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Product Specific References for Applications

PMID Dilution Publication
204191031:500000Mazumdar, K., et al. 2010. Visualization of transepithelial passage of the immunogenic 33-residue peptide from α-2 gliadin in gluten-sensitive macaques. PLoS One, e10228.
PMID Dilution Publication
355681871:200Madalena, K.M., et al. 2022. Genetic deletion of the glucocorticoid receptor in Cx3cr1+ myeloid cells is neuroprotective and improves motor recovery after spinal cord injury. Experimental neurology, 114114.

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