Anti-Pan-FHF-A Antibody (N235/22)

Our Anti-Pan-FHF-A mouse monoclonal primary antibody from NeuroMab is produced in-house from hybridoma clone N235/22. It detects human, mouse, and rat Pan-FHF-A, and is purified by Protein A chromatography. It is great for use in IHC, ICC, WB.

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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

  • Immunocytochemistry: Rat
  • Western Blot: Mouse
Immunocytochemistry: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
279999401:500Barbosa, C., et al. 2017. FHF2 isoforms differentially regulate Nav1.6-mediated resurgent sodium currents in dorsal root ganglion neurons.. Pflugers Archiv, 195-212.
Western Blot: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
375169191:300Lesage, A., et al. 2023. Determinants of iFGF13-mediated regulation of myocardial voltage-gated sodium (NaV) channels in mouse. The Journal of general physiology, 0.
276663890.5ug/mlDover, K., et al. 2016. FHF-independent conduction of action potentials along the leak-resistant cerebellar granule cell axon. Nature Communications, 12895.
268896021:1000Bosch, M.K., et al. 2016. Proteomic analysis of native cerebellar iFGF14 complexes.. Channels, 297-312.
25429153not listedVenkatesan, K., et al. 2014. Fast-onset long-term open-state block of sodium channels by A-type FHFs mediates classical spike accommodation in hippocampal pyramidal neurons.. Journal of Neuroscience, 16126-16139.
20679355not listedDover, K., et al. 2010. Long-term inactivation particle for voltage-gated sodium channels.. Journal of Physiology, 3695-3711.

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