Anti-Gephyrin Antibody (L106/83)

Our Anti-Gephyrin mouse monoclonal primary antibody from NeuroMab is produced in-house from hybridoma clone L106/83. It detects human, mouse, and rat Gephyrin, and is purified by Protein A chromatography. It is great for use in AT, IHC, ICC, WB.

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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Immunohistochemistry: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
345761971:100Kuljis, D.A., et al. 2021. Gephyrin-Lacking PV synapses on neocortical pyramidal neurons. International Journal of Molecular Science, 10032.
337044141:100Micheva, K.D., et al. 2021. Conduction velocity along the local axons of parvalbumin interneurons correlates with the degree of axonal myelination. Cerebral Cortex, 3374-3392.
315548411:100Simhal, A.K., et al. 2019. Multifaceted changes in synaptic composition and astrocytic involvement in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome. Scientific Reports, 13855.
Western Blot: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
37759527not listedGruol, DL, et al. 2023. Impact of Elevated Brain IL-6 in Transgenic Mice on the Behavioral and Neurochemical Consequences of Chronic Alcohol Exposure. Cells, 0.
36775097not listedGruol, D.L., et al. 2023. Neuroimmune Interactions with Binge Alcohol Drinking in the Cerebellum of IL-6 Transgenic Mice. Neuropharmacology, 109455.
357898511:1000Huo, Y., et al. 2022. Prkn Knockout Mice Show Autistic-like Behaviors and Aberrant Synapse Formation. iScience, 104573.
32634532not listedGruol, D.L., et al. 2020. Alcohol and IL-6 Alter Expression of Synaptic Proteins in Cerebellum of Transgenic Mice With Increased Astrocyte Expression of IL-6. Neuroscience, 124-137.
322024991:5000Zhang, R.S., et al. 2020. Latrophilin-2 and latrophilin-3 are redundantly essential for parallel-fiber synapse function in cerebellum. Elife, e54443.
29787738not listedGruol, D.L., et al. 2018. Altered Brain Activity During Withdrawal from Chronic Alcohol is Associated with Changes in IL-6 Signal Transduction and GABAergic Mechanisms in Transgenic Mice with Increased Astrocyte Expression of IL-6. Neuropharmacology., 32-46.
29787738not listedGruol, D.L., et al. 2018. Altered brain activity during withdrawal from chronic alcohol is associated with changes in IL-6 signal transduction and GABAergic mechanisms in transgenic mice with increased astrocyte expression of IL-6. Neuropharmacology, 32-46.

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