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Adult rat whole brain immunohistochemistry.Immunoblot against crude membrane fractions from whole mouse (MBM) or rat (RBM) brain and from human hippocampus [HBM(H)], cerebral cortex [HBM(Cx)] or cerebellum [HBM(Cb)] and probed with K69/3 (left) or N52A/42 (right) TC supe.
Transfected cell immunoblot extracts of COS cells transfected with GFP; GFP-tagged HCN2, FGF11/FHF3 FGF13/FHF2 and BKBeta2; or untagged Kv2.1 plasmid and probed with N86/38 TC supe.Transfected cell immunofluorescence: COS cells expressing GFP-FHF2A. Blue = Hoechst nuclear stain, Green = GFP, Red = N86/38.
NeuroMab Anti-GFP Antibody
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Adult rat dentate gyrus immunohistochemistry.Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.
Array tomography immunofluorescence of an LRWhite-embedded 70 nm section from adult mouse cortex with L124/59 (magenta), rabbit mAb PSD-95 (Cell Signaling #3450, green) and Hoechst nuclear stain (blue).  The insert shows three consecutive sections through the synapse that is marked with a white box..Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.
Immunoblot against crude membranes prepared from whole rat (RBM) and mouse (MBM) brain and human cerebral cortex [HBM(Cx)], cerebellum [HBM(Cb)], and hippocampus [HBM(H)] probed with N52A/42 TC supe.Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.
Immunofluorescence staining of sections from adult GluN2C/NR2C wild-type (WT) and knockout (KO) mouse cerebellum with N422/18 (GluN2C/NR2C, red) and L106/83 (Gephyrin, green) TC supe. Tissue courtesy of Sharon Swanger and Stephen Traynelis (Emory).Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.
Transfected cell immunoblot: extracts of COS cells transiently transfected with HA-tagged NSD1, NSD2, NSD3 or untagged Kv2.1 plasmids and probed with N312/10 (left), 12CA5 (middle) and K89/34 (right).
NeuroMab Anti-NSD1 Antibody
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Array tomography immunofluorescence of Lowicryl-embedded sections from adult mouse cerebellum with L109/57 (red) and DAPI (blue).  Left panel is a single 70 nm section imaged with a 20X objective, with a scale bar of 50 µm.  Right panel is a MAX projection of 10 serial 70 nm sections imaged with a 63X objective, with a scale bar of 20 µm.  Images courtesy of Kristina Micheva (Stanford)..Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.
Immunoblot versus crude brain membranes from adult mouse (MBM), rat (RBM) and human cerebral cortex [HBM(Cx)] and hippocampus [HBM(H)] probed with K36/15 (left) or N52A/42 (right) TC supe.Adult brain membrane immunoblot.
Adult rat cerebral cortex immunohistochemistry.Hippocampus immunohistochemistry with antigen retrieval via pepsin pretreatment showing axon initial segment and nodal staining.
Cultured rat hippocampal neuron immunofluorescence: N23B/49 (Pan-Shank) = red, rabbit anti-PSD-95 = green, merge = yellow (bottom right). Image courtesy of Dr. Albert Hung, Picower Institute, MIT.Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.
NeuroMab Anti-Pan-Shank Antibody
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Anti-c-FOS AntibodyAnti-c-FOS Antibody
Adult rat brain hippocampus immunohistochemistry.Cerebellum immunohistochemistry.
Immunostaining of spinal cord samples from WT and Gamma-protocadherin KO mice with N159/5 TC supe. Data courtesy of Joshua Weiner, University of Iowa.Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.
Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.Adult rat striatum immunohistochemistry.
Western blotting of rat brain homogenate (10 ug/lane) with anti-GAD65/67 (L127/12)  at 1:100 dilution and detected with anti-mouse HRP.Confocal images of immunostained rat dendritic section of hippocampal neurons labeled with GAD65 (Cat 75-508, 1:100, blue), total NL2 (red), and synaptic NL2 (green). Neurons were overexpressing SNX27GFPWT (B), SNX27GFPH112A (C), or mock transfected (A, control). Image from publication CC-BY-4.0. PMID 31775031
Immunoblot against fractions of adult rat brain membranes (RBM) and extracts of COS or HEK cells transiently or stably expressing different untagged Nav1.X or Kv2.1 plasmid probed with N419/40 (left) or K58/35 (right) TC supe.
Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.
Adult rat brain membrane immunoblot.Immunoblot on adult mouse brain membranes from two wild-type (WT1,2) and Kvβ2 knockout (Kvβ2 KO) mice. Brain samples courtesy of Dr. Geoff Murphy, Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan.
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) immunostaining (red) of mixed cortical mouse brain cultures (1:500 dilution). Secondary antibody is Texas Red goat anti-chicken IgY. The blue is DAPI staining of nuclei of all cells, including non-GFAP-positive cells. Photo courtesy of Dr. Gerry Shaw, Univ. Florida.Immunohistochemical staining of GFAP-positive radial glial cells in the periventricular zone of an e16 mouse brain. Section was a vibratome, thick section (20 um) using a lightly-fixed (2% paraformaldehyde) mouse brain. 1˚ antibody (GFAP) was used at 1:500 dilution; 2˚ antibody (HRP-goat anti-chicken IgY) was used at 1:500 dilution.
Immunoblot versus crude membranes made from adult rat brain (RBM) or GABABR1 wild-type (WT) or knockout (KO) mice probed with N93A/49 (left) or K89/34 (right) TC supe. Mouse brains courtesy of Martin Gassmann and Bernhard Bettler (University of Basel).Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.
Immunostaining of mouse brain cortex identifying the calcium channels along axons stained with Anti-Cav1.3 Ca2+ Channel Antibody (Cat 75-080, 1:500, green) and nuclei are labeled with DAPI (blue).  Image kindly provided by Kaveh Moradi, Virginia Commonwealth University.Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry.
Adult rat hippocampus immunohistochemistry (with antigen retrieval via sodium citrate pretreatment).Adult rat brain membrane (RBM) and transfected cell immunoblot: extracts of RBM and COS cells transiently transfected with HA-tagged Shank1, Shank2, Shank3 or untagged Kv2.1 plasmid and probed with N367/62 (left) or N23B/49 (right) TC supe.

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