Pathways to Cell Death: Apoptosis, Pyroptosis, and Autophagy

Cell death is a critical and unavoidable part of life.

From the quiet turnover of worn out cells and cellular components to the inflammatory death that warns of infection, cell death is involved in countless areas of scientific research. ImmunoChemistry Technologies offers many tools for studying cell death pathways. ICT offers lines of in vitro cell-based products that enable researchers to detect and measure activation of apoptosis, pyroptosis, and autophagy. Our apoptosis and pyroptosis product lines use FLICA (Fluorescent-Labeled Inhibitor of Caspases), which are unique cell-permeant probes that function by covalently binding to active caspase enzymes. ICT’s new Autophagy Assay, Red enables researchers to detect autophagy in living cells through the incorporation of a cell-permeant dye that fluoresces red when inserted in the lipid membranes of autophagosomes and autolysosomes. Ultimately, these assays provide researchers with the necessary tools to better understand what type of cell death is happening in their studies.