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There aren’t very many antibody companies that specialize only in chicken antibodies, but we DO! Our expert team has three decades of experience in chicken polyclonal antibody production and has a deep understanding of the advantages of using avian IgY to study mammalian systems.

Antibodies from chickens are of particular utility in multiplexing systems when alternate species are needed for staining applications.

Umi Tahara and colleagues had Aves Labs design an α-globin antibody for their research of keratinocytes in the epidermis, and published two months ago in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Keratinocytes of the Upper Epidermis and Isthmus of Hair Follicles Express Hemoglobin mRNA and Protein

human hip skin IHCTahara U, Matsui T, Atsugi T, Fukuda K, Terooatea TW, Minoda A, Kubo A, Amagai M. J Invest Dermatol. 2023 Dec;143 (12):2346-2355.e10. PMID: 37981423.

At right: HBA expression in hair follicle keratinocytes of humans and mice. Immuno-fluorescence images of fresh-frozen sections stained for Hba (magenta) and K1 (green). Dashed lines: border between the epidermis and dermis. Representative images from serial sections of human hip skin (females aged 62 years). Arrowheads: isthmus of old and new hair.

Listed below are many more recent citations using our custom services.

Publications Using Our Custom Services

PMID Publication
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