Highlighting PhosphoSolution's 10X Lysis Buffer!

Our sister company PhosphoSolutions' 10X Lysis Buffer is optimized to fully solubilize proteins in preparation for western blotting.

Non-ionic detergents such as NP-40 or triton fail to solubilize many cellular proteins involved in cell signaling. This problem is particularly acute in the brain where synaptic junctions are known to be insoluble in non-ionic detergents.

PhosphoSolutions' 10X Lysis Buffer contains 1% SDS to completely solubilize membrane and other hard to solubilize proteins including synaptic junction proteins. It may be used for organs and tissue culture cells.

SDS inactivates most proteases, but additional protease inhibitors can be added as needed before use as some proteases are insensitive to or even activated (e.g. proteinase K) by SDS.

10X Lysis Buffer should be diluted to 1X with dH2O before use. Storage at room temperature is recommended for both 10X and 1X solutions to prevent SDS from precipitating out of solution.

For more information regarding 10X Lysis Buffer, read this great post by PhosphoSolutions' founder Michael Browning.

In this article, he discusses how the use of non-ionic detergents during lysis can fail to fully solubilize cellular proteins and can be the reason an antibody doesn't show a signal in Western Blots. He also covers why 1% SDS is needed to completely solubilize proteins, how 1% SDS also denatures phosphatases, and two instances in which 1% SDS is not recommended.

For more information on PhosphoSolutions' 10X Lysis Buffer, or their antibody offerings, be sure to check out their website!