Synblock in 1L, 500 mL, 100 mL sizes

ICT’s Block Buffers are specific blockers for antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISAs, maintain the water of hydration of dried antigen or antibody coat proteins, minimize non-specific binding interactions during the assay process, increase shelf-life by improving the stability of the coated protein and reduce assay variability.

SynBlock ELISA Blocking Buffer is a novel non-protein blocking formulation designed to eliminate interference and nonspecific background noise associated with antibody-coated ELISA formats and sandwich ELISAs. Use of this blocking formulation minimizes backgrounds without the use of conventional cross-reactive protein additives. By depositing inert, synthetic blocking molecules onto the plate, SynBlock reduces non-specific binding of enzyme labeled conjugates to the microtiter plate, enhancing the sensitivity of the assay. Its synthetic blockers also stabilize coated protein for improved retention of antigen epitope or antibody binding activity during long-term storage. SynBlock contains an antimicrobial agent for room temperature blocking and long-term storage of dried plates at 2-8°C.

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Containing inert non-reactive blockers, SynBlock Blocking Buffer reduces the amount of nonspecific binding of enzyme-labeled conjugates to blocked plate surfaces. When blocking the coated immunoassay plate wells, SynBlock ELISA Blocking Buffer provides a microhydrated environment to stabilize the coated protein for better binding reactivity during the immunoassay and during long-term storage.

SynBlock works on all types of polystyrene plates except Immulon® II microplates. When blocking with SynBlock, ICT recommends Corning® 96-well EIA/RIA Stripwell™ microplates (ICT catalog #25). SynBlock is best used to block coated ELISA plates that require high to very high blocking or that require a protein-free blocking buffer. An antimicrobial agent allows for stable room temperature blocking and long-term refrigerated storage of dried plates prepared with SynBlock.

Synblock is available in 100 mL, 500 mL, and 1 L sizes. Bulk volumes and custom packaging are available upon request.

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