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Antibodies Inc is excited to announce our latest product line: fluorophore-conjugated primary antibodies!

We are offering our NeuroMab and Antibodies Inc. antibodies with the option of direct conjugation to one of four different fluorophores: FL490, FL550, FL594, and FL650!

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Look for our color-coded fluorophore buttons!

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Direct detection using conjugated primary antibodies is an alternative to using secondary antibodies.

With the release of our new conjugate line of products, scientists have the option to use these antibodies for direct detection in staining applications! Fluorophore conjugation to a primary antibody eliminates the need for a secondary antibody by directly coupling the primary antibody to the fluorophore. Our directly labeled primary antibodies do two jobs: They bind to your protein of interest and are labeled with a dye for detection. This results in a simpler assay with fewer steps.

Directly labeled primary antibodies reduce background noise and cross-reactivity compared to their secondary antibody counterparts, while indirect detection using secondary antibodies is generally associated with greater signal amplification. 

We are excited to offer both options to researchers looking to customize their research and optimize their results!

Check out the conjugate options for our top-selling PSD-95 antibody!