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Researchers are looking for versatile reagents more than ever before. Aves’ chicken polyclonal antibody services provide a perfect solution: a unique species with expert scientists and know-how!

Contributed by Amy Archuleta

Chickens make better antibodies.

Chicken antibodies are unique both in their biology and their utility. Evolutionarily removed from mammals by over 300 million years, avian immune systems recognize mammalian proteins as being more foreign than the immune system of a mouse or rabbit host would. This often results in a more robust immune response to mammalian gene products. In an antibody market full of rabbit and mouse antibodies, chicken IgY polyclonals offer the perfect solution for multiplex staining, including the advantage of reduced cross-reactivity with IgG primary antibodies. Chicken IgY is also thermally stable and can be stored at 4 degrees without loss of activity. See here for the full discussion about the advantages of chicken antibodies written by Aves’ staff scientist, Matt Phillips.

Aves’ Labs is the industry leader in chicken antibodies.


There aren’t very many antibody companies that specialize only in chicken antibodies, but we DO! Our expert team has over two decades of experience in chicken polyclonal antibody production and has a deep understanding of the advantages of using avian IgY to study mammalian systems. We have created custom chicken antibodies for diverse customers in academia, biotech, and diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. During our years in the field, we have developed novel and proprietary methods for protein sequence analysis and immunogenic peptide determination to maximize immune response and antibody production. Read more about our custom antibody service here.

Our custom service offers flexibility in size and scope.

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Not all projects have the same requirements. We built our facility in Davis, California with flexibility in mind. We can handle large and small projects based on your specific needs. Our three different service packages offer varying levels of customization. You can supply your own antigen, or we can design and make it for you. You may choose to receive an unpurified IgY fraction or an affinity purified IgY antibody. See the details of our different custom antibody packages here.

Our multi-faceted expertise provides comprehensive support and service.

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There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect antibody. Aves Labs offers so much more than just antibody production. The custom peptide synthesis team uses our Immunogenicity Algorithm® to optimize and make a variety of antigens including those with modified amino acids such as phosphorylated residues, biotinylated residues, nitrosylated residues, and more. Our antibody purification methods are specific to your unique antibody. We offer different levels of antibody purity and are experts in phosphospecific antibody purification. We can also conjugate your antibody to agarose beads for IP, ChIP, or antigen purification applications. Aves Labs offers labeling of primary antibodies with biotin and various fluorochromes. Many researchers are starting to use labeled primary antibodies to remove the extra step (and extra background) of secondary antibodies. Finally, when it is time to characterize and qualify your antibody’s performance, Aves Labs can help with our ELISA analysis service.

Responsible animal treatment is another huge advantage of chicken antibodies.


Animal welfare is on the minds of many researchers. Chicken IgY antibody is extracted from egg yolks – not the hens themselves. This highlights our non-invasive approach to antibody production. Our hens are never restrained for antibody collection, nor are bleeds necessary to remove the antibody. Chicken polyclonals really are the most humane method for polyclonal antibody production.


Aves Labs represents the best and brightest in custom antibody production, pioneering novel methods in an uncommon species (for antibodies at least).
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