Arl13b Antibody- cat. 75-287

Our Arl13b antibody from NeuroMab is KO validated and works great in IHC, ICC, & WB!

Contributed by Kameron Simpson

Arl13b IHC

Immunofluorescence of the ventricular zone of E14 mouse brain (frozen section) labeled with Anti-Arl13b (red, Cat # 75-287, 1:1000) and CEP152 (Green). The blue is DAPI staining of nuclear DNA. Image kindly provided by Koh-ichi Nagata, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine.

Highly enriched on the ciliary membrane, Arl13b plays an important role in cilia architecture, protein trafficking and Sonic hedgehog signaling.

ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 13b (Arl13b, also known as ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein 2-like 1) is a small GTPase with both N-terminal and C-terminal guanine nucleotide-binding motifs. Aside from cilia, Arl13b is also expressed in neuroepithelial cells and developing radial glia of the developing cerebral cortex.

Arl13b is ancient, predicted to be present in the last common eukaryotic ancestor. While Arl13b’s role in regulating cilia length is from within cilia, Arl13b regulates Sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling from outside the primary cilia. Missense mutations in the ARL13B gene cause the ciliopathy Joubert syndrome (JS), an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by a distinctive cerebellar malformation.

Arl13b Western blot

Western blot of our Arl13b antibody shows specific labeling of Arl13b in Arl13b knockout (KO) mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEF).

Many researchers have published with our Arl13b antibody in the last year!

Arl13b Publications, 2022
Application: Species Dilution Publication
ICC: Human 1:100 Jabali, A., et al. 2022. Human cerebral organoids reveal progenitor pathology in EML1-linked cortical malformation. EMBO Rep 2022 May 4;23(5):e54027
ICC: Human 1:250 Afanasyeva, T.A.V., et al. 2022. PCARE requires coiled coil, RP62 kinase binding, and EVH1 domain binding motifs for ciliary expansion. Human molecular genetics.
ICC: Mouse 1:500 Li, Q., et al. 2022. Disruption of GMNC-MCIDAS multiciliogenesis program is critical in choroid plexus carcinoma development. Cell death and differentiation.
ICC: Mouse 1:100 Zhang, W.W., et al. 2022. Peripheral ablation of type Ⅲ adenylyl cyclase induces hyperalgesia and eliminates KOR-mediated analgesia in mice. JCI Insight, e153191.
ICC: Mouse 1:1000 Yang, D., et al. 2022. Ciliary Type III Adenylyl Cyclase in the VMH Is Crucial for High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity Mediated by Autophagy. Advanced Science, e2102568.
WB: Human 1:1000 Huang, M., et al. 2022. Cell cycle arrest induced by trichoplein depletion is independent of cilia assembly. Journal of cellular physiology.
WB: Mouse 1:1000 Hamada, N., et al. 2022. Expression Analyses of Cep152, a Responsible Gene Product for Autosomal Recessive Primary Microcephaly, During Mouse Brain Development. Developmental Neuroscience, 162-170.