Anti-Collagen 1, alpha 1 telopeptide Antibody

Our Anti-Collagen 1, alpha 1 telopeptide primary antibody from PhosphoSolutions is rabbit polyclonal. It detects human, mouse, rat, and sheep Collagen 1, alpha 1 telopeptide and is antigen affinity purified. It is great for use in WB, IHC.

Primary Antibody
Human, Mouse, Rat, Sheep
Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Feline, Finch, Goat, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Horse, Non-Human Primate, Rabbit, Vole, Xenopus
Antigen Affinity Purified
140 kDa

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Anti-Collagen 1, alpha 1 telopeptide Antibody

Volume: 100 µL
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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Immunohistochemistry: Human
PMID Dilution Publication
23004679 not listed Bains, S.N., et al. 2012. Loss of caveolin-1 from bronchial epithelial cells and monocytes in human subjects with asthma. Allergy. 2012 Dec;67(12): 1601-4.
Immunohistochemistry: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
33951398 not listed Schiffers, C., et al. 2021. Downregulation of DUOX1 function contributes to aging-related impairment of innate airway injury responses and accelerated senile emphysema. Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, 321(1).
30117615 1:500 Gatto, R.G., et al. 2018. In vivo diffusion MRI detects early spinal cord axonal pathology in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. NMR in Biomedicine, Aug;31(8):e3954.
22546693 not listed Wessels, A., et al. 2012. Epicardially derived fibroblasts preferentially contribute to the parietal leaflets of the atrioventricular valves in the murine heart. Dev Biol. 2012 Jun 15;366(2): 111-24.

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