PhosphoSolutions Joins the Antibodies and Aves Team

Antibodies Incorporated and Aves Labs are proud to announce their new partnership with PhosphoSolutions, an Aurora, Colorado-based team of scientists dedicated to providing researchers with the highest quality antibodies and customer support in the business.

About PhosphoSolutions

PhosphoSolutions was founded in 2001 by Drs. Michael D. Browning, John W. Haycock, and Andrew J. Czernik, all of whom worked together in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Greengard, co-recipient of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on the role of protein phosphorylation in signal transduction in the nervous system. This expertise has led to the development of a portfolio of nearly 300 antibodies -- including over 100 phospho-specific antibodies -- focused primarily in the neuroscience field.

Anti-RBPMS (1832-RBPMS) from PhosphoSolutions
Immunostaining of blind mole rat RGCs showing RBPMS in red and melanopsin in green. Image courtesy of Jens Hannibal, MD, PhD., DmSc. Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Synapsin I Antibody (1926-SYNP) from PhosphoSolutions
Immunostaining of 40DIV cultured rat cortical neurons showing punctate labeling of synapsin in red. Cells and photo courtesy of QBMCellScience.

Broader Range of Tools Now Available

With the addition of PhosphoSolutions, the combined team will be able to provide researchers with a broader range of tools produced in multiple species to advance neuroscience studies, especially for proteins regulated by phosphorylation.

From the Team Leaders

Mike Browning of PhosphoSolutions said, "We've worked hard over the past twenty years to build PhosphoSolutions into a company of customer-focused scientists dedicated to helping the research community with the best possible tools. I am excited to be working with Antibodies Incorporated and Aves because their high-quality antibodies provide a perfect complement to our offerings. Aves' chicken antibodies give us the advantage to provide double-label opportunities for many of our most highly-cited antibodies. Moreover the monoclonal antibodies at Antibodies Incorporated greatly expand our current Neuroscience coverage. I am eager to see all of our companies grow together."

President Kristin Nixon, who has been with the company since its founding, will continue to manage PhosphoSolutions. She said, “I am thrilled to welcome the partnership of Antibodies Incorporated and Aves Labs, two respected brands in our field, and excited to work with them to introduce PhosphoSolutions products and services to their customers and their outstanding offerings to ours. We look forward to their support in continuing to provide researchers with the high-quality reagents they need to advance their fields.”

Will Fry, President of Antibodies said, “We are extremely pleased to have the scientists at PhosphoSolutions joining our team. Their outstanding antibody products add significantly to our offerings. They share our focus on providing customers with the highest quality products to advance their research. Our combined product portfolio enables researchers to obtain widely-used, highly-validated antibodies from providers they can trust. The teams at Antibodies and Aves are looking forward to offering PhosphoSolutions products and introducing new products and services to customers in the near-future.”

Check Out These Highly-cited Antibodies from the Antibodies / Aves / PhosphoSolutions Team

Anti-GFP from Aves Labs

Left: Co-localization of GFP immunoreactive neurons (GREEN) and Tryptophan Hydroxylase-positive neurons (RED) in a tissue section through the midbrain region of an adult mouse

Anti-PSD-95 from Antibodies Incorporated

Left: Immunofluorescence staining of cultured rat hippocampal neurons with K28/43 (green) and K57/1 (red, Kv4.2), inset image (upper left) is higher magnification image of indicated field (dotted lines).

Anti-TH from PhosphoSolutions

Left: Immunostaining of rabbit retina showing specific labeling of tyrosine hydroxylase in green.