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ICt assorted diluents in all sizes

ICT provides all the components you need to build a better ELISA.

ICT’s coating buffers, blockers, sample and assay diluents, conjugate stabilizers, and wash buffer all work together to minimize the build up of unwanted proteins to generate a very clean signal. These products work together to address common issues during ELISA development, such as specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and shelf-life. Our ultimate goal is to help you develop optimized ELISAs that have a high specific signal and low background noise.

ICT’s Coating Buffers enhance adsorption of antibodies or antigens onto ELISA plates, stabilize tertiary structures of adsorbed antibodies and antigens, increase shelf-life of coated plates and use less capture reagent.

ICT’s Block Buffers are specific blockers for antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISAs, maintain the water of hydration of dried antigen or antibody coat proteins, minimize non-specific binding interactions during the assay process, increase shelf-life by improving the stability of the coated protein and reduce assay variability.

ICT’s Sample Diluents are suitable for antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISAs. Our Assay Diluents address matrix problems in antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISAs. They minimize non-specific binding interactions during the assay process, reduce sample variation and matrix interference and decrease background noise.

ICT’s Conjugate Stabilizers extend the shelf-life of the diluted enzyme-conjugated antibody, minimize non-specific binding interactions during the assay process, provide stability to the enzyme conjugated-antibody complex, and decrease background noise.

ICT’s ELISA Wash Buffer is used to wash ELISA plates between reagent addition steps. It removes unbound interfering material without compromising the positive signal. Consistently using ELISA Wash Buffer will reduce background noise, increase the specific signal, and reduce variability between assays.

ICT’s Substrates enhance the sensitivity of your ELISA, reduce background noise, provide linearity for enhanced reproducibility, and are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

ICT’s Stop Solutions stop the color development, standardize your readings and reduce variation for enhanced reproducibility.

For an economical approach to screening the best reagent for your ELISA, our Optimization Packs are a great solution:

We also offer a wide selection of product accessories including ELISA Plates, Plate Sealing Covers, Foil Storage Bags, Desiccant Packs and more.

All of our diluents are available in 100 mL, 500 mL, and 1L sizes. Bulk volumes are available upon request.

If you need assistance in your assay development, or are looking for assay development services, please see our available services.


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