HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Non-Mammalian-based, 1X

Preserve the activity of concentrated and diluted HRP conjugates and reduce background signal. This product is best for immunoassays using anti-IgG HRP conjugates within traditional antigen-down or antibody sandwich ELISA formats.

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HRP Conjugate Stabilizer is used to preserve concentrated stock conjugates, reconstitute lyophilized HRP conjugates, and dilute protein peroxidase conjugates to their useful working titer in ELISAs and other immunology-based techniques.

HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Non-Mammalian, 1X preserves the functional integrity of both the horseradish peroxidase enzyme and IgG components of the HRP-IgG conjugate complex. This proprietary formulation helps preserve the native three-dimensional conjugate structure during storage while enhancing the binding relationship between the IgG component of the HRP-IgG conjugate and the target antigen or antibody during the assay. By maintaining conjugate component activity and preventing contamination issues through the inclusion of an antimicrobial agent, HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Non-Mammalian, 1X extends the functional utility of stored and reconstituted peroxidase conjugates. Extended stability studies clearly demonstrate this stabilizer’s ability to preserve HRP-labeled IgG performance during long-term storage.

HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Non-Mammalian, 1X is especially suited for ELISAs using anti-IgG HRP conjugates within traditional antigen-down or antibody sandwich formats. Incorporation of hydrolyzed non-mammalian proteins in place of traditional BSA protein stabilizers offers additional utility in the form of improved protein stabilization efficiency. In addition, the heterogeneous, smaller molecular weight protein matrix allows for creation of more intimate associations between stabilizer proteins and the performance-critical regions of the HRP-IgG conjugate while also serving to inhibit non-specific conjugate binding interactions with the ELISA plate surfaces. By reducing non-specific conjugate bridging events on the plate surface, undesirable background signal-related losses in sensitivity can be significantly reduced.

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  1. Protect the HRP conjugate stabilizer from light. This may be done by covering the container with aluminum foil.
  2. Add the HRP conjugate at the target concentration to Neptune HRP Conjugate Stabilizer. For example, if diluting the HRP conjugate 1:5000, add 10 µL conjugate stock to 49.99 mL Neptune HRP Conjugate Stabilizer.
  3. Mix for 15 minutes.
  4. Use the diluted HRP conjugate in the immunoassay.
  5. Store remaining HRP conjugate solution at 2-8°C. Protect from direct exposure to light.

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