General Assay Diluent 1 L, 500 mL, 100 mL sizes

2X concentrated versions of two of our most popular diluents - General Assay Diluent and General Serum Diluent will be available soon!

These concentrated versions are helpful for shipping purposes and produce less waste and are both great additions to our current catalog of ELISA diluents:

General Assay Diluent, 2X – 2X General Assay Diluent is a mammalian protein-based ELISA additive used to equalize the sample and standard matrices for a more accurate result. Large differences in matrix complexity environment between standard curve and sample wells are the main cause for target analyte under-recovery problems in sandwich ELISA analysis. General Assay Diluent helps equalize matrix complexity disparity issues, reduces non-specific interactions between sample proteins and the plate, and reduces interference from complement and thrombin present in serum and plasma samples. Our 2X concentrated version is helpful for shipping purposes and produces less waste.

General Serum Diluent, 2X – 2X General Serum Diluent is formulated for diluting goat, rabbit, mouse, avian, and human sera, as well as mouse ascites fluid and cell culture media, for testing in sandwich ELISA configurations. It can also be used for dilution of many types of serum samples in antigen-down ELISA formats. Our 2X concentrated version is helpful for shipping purposes and produces less waste.

ICT provides all the components you need to build a better ELISA. Our coating buffers, blockers, sample and assay diluents, conjugate stabilizers, and wash buffer all work together to minimize the build up of unwanted proteins to generate a very clean signal. These products work together to address common issues during ELISA development, such as specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and shelf-life.

ICT’s ultimate goal is to help you develop optimized ELISAs that have a high specific signal and low background noise.

If you need assistance in your assay development, or are looking for assay development services, please see our available services.


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