Antibody-Sandwich ELISA: Solutions to simplify your development process

Development of a reliable Antibody Sandwich ELISA presents both a challenging and labor intensive project.

ELISA formats of this type must be capable of accurate quantitation of target analyte at < ng/mL concentration levels. More importantly, this concentration assessment action must take place with the added challenge of occurring within complex biological fluids such as serum and plasma. Successful development of this type of assay requires the concurrent optimization of both the capture IgG and HRP conjugated sandwich IgG. Proper selection of the particular assay-dependent, coating buffer, blocker/stabilizer, and sample and conjugate diluent formulations will take on a high level of importance. Trial and error approaches to these development projects are guaranteed to be frustrating and tedious tasks. With this reality staring you in the face, why not cut yourself a break? Your purchase of ICT’s generic Antibody-Sandwich-ELISA starter kit, which includes a detailed development protocol template, provides you with the best opportunity to get the ball rolling on your ELISA development project. Our starter-kit includes our ELISA industry-tested sample diluent, conjugate diluent, and ELISA plate-blocker options. These essential ELISA assay components plus detailed development protocol template will get your ELISA development project off on the right track.

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