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Anti-Neuron-Specific Enolase (NSE) Antibody

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Product Summary:

Two antipeptide antibodies were generated in chickens against a sequence shared between the rat (AAA41119) and human (NP_001966) gene products. Antibodies were affinity-purified and mixed in equal concentrations. These antibodies have been validated with human, mouse and rat tissues.


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Host Species:


Species Reactivity:

Human Mouse Rat

WB Western Blot
IHC Immunohistochemistry
ICC Immunocytochemistry
IP Immunoprecipitation
AT Array Tomography
EM Electron Microscopy
CHIP Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
DB Dot Blot


Target Description:

Human NSE-2 (EC is a 47,138 dalton protein (434 amino acids) expressed in neurons of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and central nervous system (CNS). NSE-2 catalyzes the conversion of 2-phospho-D-glycerate into phosphoenol pyruvate and is an essential enzyme in energy metabolism in nervous tissues.


Chickens were immunized with two synthetic peptide / keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) conjugates. These synthetic peptides corresponded to different regions of the NSE-2 gene product, but are shared between the human (NP_001966, NCBI) and rat (AAA41119, NCBI) sequences. After repeated injections into the hens, immune eggs were collected, and the IgY fractions were purified from the yolks. These IgY fractions were then affinity-purified using a peptide column, and the concentrations of the eluates adjusted to 200 ug/ml. Finally, equal volumes of each of the three affinity-purified anti-peptide antibodies were mixed, and the preparation was filtersterilized.

Protein Name(s):

Gamma-enolase (EC (2-phospho-D-glycerate hydro-lyase) (Enolase 2) (Neural enolase) (Neuron-specific enolase) (NSE)

Gene Name(s):


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Antibody Validation and Application Notes

This antibody has been validated using the following assays:
Molecular Weight:

47 kDa

Western Dilution Range:


IHC Dilution Range:


Quality Control

The following quality control assay is performed on each new lot of this antibody to ensure it meets designated performance requirements.

Both of these anti-peptide antibodies were analyzed by immunohisto-chemistry (at a dilution of 1:5000) using fluorescein-labeled goat anti-chicken IgY (1:500 dilution, Aves Labs Cat.# F-1005) as the secondary reagent.

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