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Job title: Manager- Protein Biochemistry and Immunoassay

Job type: Full time

Job Description: Antibodies Incorporated (AI) was founded in 1960 to provide essential products for the growing immunology market. In the years since our founding AI has grown into a 40-acre campus comprised of laboratories, manufacturing and animal care facilities. Our manufacturing group is a partner to some of the world’s leading life sciences companies while our contract research group provides custom antibody services and IVD development for a diverse clientele including pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academic researchers. AI also proudly offers an extensive catalog of highly-validated neuroscience antibodies which serve as a valuable resource to neuroscientists worldwide.  

The protein biochemistry and immunoassay group at AI is well equipped with several Akta FPLC systems, an Octet instrument for highly accurate measurement of antibody concentration and affinity, as well as additional instrumentation for immunoassays and protein characterization. The group also works closely with both the antibody development group and animal resources group and projects are highly collaborative.

The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience with protein purification methods (FPLC-based Akta systems and also gravity flow columns), experience with antibody-based assays (e.g. ELISA, Western blot, immunostaining ...) and protein expression in E Coli and mammalian cells.

The use of antibodies as research tools, therapeutic drugs, and as capture reagents in diagnostic assays continues to grow. This position represents a very exciting opportunity to lead a group, develop best-in-class reagents and diagnostics, and help contribute to the success of our growing company.

As a small company our success depends upon the ability of our employees to adapt to changing project requirements and to anticipate client and marketplace needs. If you are someone who enjoys working on a variety of projects and having the opportunity to innovate and grow a company, AI may well be the place for you!

Requirements: PhD in life sciences or MS with at least two years of full-time experience in relevant techniques. The successful candidate should have proven expertise with protein chemistry, protein analysis, and immunoassays, and be capable of working independently to run projects. Additionally, this position requires a scientist that is customer-focused and eager to sustain and develop services to support our growing business.

Preferred experience:

  • expertise with protein purification methods (FPLC-based Akta systems and gravity flow columns).
  • established expertise with antibody-based assays (e.g. ELISA, Western blot, immunocytochemistry etc.)
  • experienced with protein expression in E Coli and mammalian cells.
  • Experience working in a cGMP environment would also be an additional asset.


Benefits: Antibodies Incorporated offers a competitive compensation package that includes comprehensive health and dental insurance and a 401k plan.