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Warranty and Returns Policy

Return Policy

Antibodies Incorporated strives to provide high quality and reliable products. If for some reason a product does not perform to its assigned specifications, we encourage you to contact customer service at 800-824-8540 or If a product needs to be returned, you must obtain an authorization code and arrange for return shipment through our Customer Service Department. We will investigate every complaint regarding our products. This ensures that we maintain the high quality of performance and reliability that our customers expect.

Warranty Policy

Antibodies Incorporated prides itself on providing high quality reliable products. As part of our ISO 13485 commitment, AI investigates every product complaint to maintain these high standards.

Antibodies Incorporated guarantees all products are of merchantable quality at the time of sale when handled as directed. AI makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, of fitness for a particular use of any item in this Catalog unless explicitly stated and AI will not be responsible for any consequential or other damages beyond the replacement or refund of purchase price of AI product or service, at our discretion. Due to the nature of our service work, we cannot guarantee successful results for the services requested by the customer. Although we will make every reasonable effort to obtain results to your satisfaction, you the customer agree that the quality and quantity of service products often depend upon variables beyond our control. We cannot warrant the yield of hybridomas nor of the monoclonal antibody product except as tested by us using methods agreed upon with the client. The specificity and the affinity of the antibody cannot be warranted. Customer's exclusive remedy for non-conforming product shall be limited to replacement or an amount equal to the purchase price of the product or service. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Antibodies Incorporated harmless and will reimburse AI for all costs related to any claim arising out of use of any AI product contrary to the terms contained herein or as specified in other current AI documentation.

All Antibodies Incorporated Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibody Products are intended for in-vitro research use only and have not been cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA. Only those devices indicated as diagnostic products are to be used for diagnostic purposes in accordance with the instructions for use provided with the product.

A return authorization is required prior to returning a product. Please call us to obtain return authorization and to arrange return shipping. In the unlikely case of customer error, we do reserve the right to charge restocking and handling fees. We are dedicated to our ISO 13485 quality standards and encourage you to bring questions, complaints, and praise(!) to our attention. Your feedback will help us to continue improving our products and services for you.